NFA Gun Trusts: An Overview

A gun trust is used to guard your firearms. While it may sound easy enough, creating one can be quite difficult. Archer Law has helped clients throughout Florida who are working their way through the legal system.

Why Is It Important?

The NFA, also known as the National Firearms Act, is what created and now maintains the law regarding gun ownership transfers. There are rules and restrictions that must be followed. There are regulations in place for short-barreled rifles, machine guns, suppressors and short-barreled guns. In a gun trust, you will name whoever you chose to inherit your guns after you pass away. The point of the trust is to protect the heir or beneficiary from violating NFA provisions.

Without one in place, problems can quickly arise. Say the person you are leaving your guns to is not registered. If they are unable to qualify for registration, it can become even more complicated. However, a trust allows them to legally possess your guns. Another bonus is that it allows you to keep information about your guns private. This means you can pass them down to family members for generations. Like regular trusts, revisions and modifications can be made when needed.

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