5 predictors of divorce

| May 27, 2021 | Family Law

You cannot accurately predict divorce in all cases. For instance, one of the leading causes of divorce is infidelity, but you can also find many couples who have been through an affair and opted to stay together. 

That said, you can chart general trends and pick up on common predictors of divorce.

The early warning signals that a marriage is failing

While every relationship is different, the following are symptoms of a marriage in distress and signs that a divorce may be coming:

  1. Your relationship loses any sort of physical connection or intimacy.
  2. You feel like your spouse criticizes every little thing that you do, which could be indicative of a deeper problem.
  3. Arguments are constant or they stop happening. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the issue is that some spouses stop arguing when they decide they want a divorce because it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
  4. You and your spouse avoid each other, don’t enjoy any time alone or actively seek to spend time with friends — or even at work — so that you don’t have to be together.
  5. Secrets start to build up. They may feel small at first — what you spent money on, exactly who you were with — but the fact that one of you wants to keep secrets is telling.

Now, not all red flags mean divorce is guaranteed, but they at least mean you need to think about where your marriage is headed. 

What if you do want a divorce?

If you see these signs and you do end up filing for divorce — or your spouse does — then you need to look into all of your legal options. The way that this plays out is going to impact the rest of your life, so you need to get it right. Talking with an attorney can help you gain valuable insights and perspective.