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In Florida, it is an offense to carry certain weapons, such as guns, knives, explosives, or clubs, without the proper registration or documentation. A defendant charged with weapons violation or offense could be facing massive fines, lengthy incarceration, a criminal record, loss of gun carry rights, and other social ramifications. 

If you are under investigation for an offense involving a weapon, retaining an aggressive and highly-skilled Florida criminal defense attorney is vital to help strategize your defense. At the Law Offices of D. D. Archer, PA, we're committed to offering reliable representation and strong advocacy to clients in their weapons violation cases. Our knowledgeable legal team will fight vigorously to uphold your legal rights and help keep your record as clean as possible. 

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Common Weapons Charges in Florida  

A person may be arrested and charged for violating local or state laws that regulate the purchase, sale, possession, concealment, manufacture, or use of firearms, explosives, and other weapons. Essentially, it is an offense to exercise control, custody, or care of an illegal weapon. Here are some common weapons charges in the state of Florida: 

  • Unlicensed carry or concealment of a firearm. 

  • Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 

  • Improper exhibition of a dangerous weapon. 

  • Using a weapon while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. 

  • Negligently or intentionally discharging a loaded firearm in a public space. 

  • Allowing a person below 16 years to have access to a loaded firearm. 

  • Possession or discharging of a weapon at a school-sponsored event. 

Unfortunately, many weapons violations in Florida are charged as felonies and may result in mandatory minimum sentences, huge fines, probation, and other devastating, life-long ramifications. A practiced attorney can educate you about the nature and severity of your weapons charges and help build your defense. 

Unlawful Carrying of Weapons  

According to Florida law – Florida Statutes Section 790.01 – it is unlawful for any person who is not licensed to carry a concealed weapon or electric weapon or device on or about his or her person. In order to prove unlawful carrying at trial, the prosecuting attorney must show that: 

  • The offender intentionally or knowingly carried a firearm on or about themselves. 

  • The firearm was concealed from another person's ordinary sight. 

  • The offender wasn't licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm at the time of the act. 

However, unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon in Florida is a felony offense. An experienced Florida weapons offense defense attorney will investigate every aspect of your case, help you understand the state's open handgun carry law, and determine the best way to fight your charges. 

Florida's Open Handgun Carry Law  

In Florida, carrying a handgun or weapon openly is generally prohibited. Pursuant to Florida Statute Section 790.053(1), "it is unlawful for any person to openly carry on or about his or her person any firearm or electric weapon or device." 

Conversely, you may be allowed to openly carry a weapon in the following situations: 

  • To and from fishing, hunting, gun range, and camping. 

  • At your home or business. 

  • For lawful self-defense purposes. 

  • For self-defense against chemical spray. 

A knowledgeable attorney can enlighten you about weapons that are legal or illegal in Florida, who can own one, and when you can carry them. 

Unlawful Weapons  

In the state of Florida, the following weapons and accessories are illegal: 

  • Machine guns. 

  • Short-barreled rifles. 

  • Bump-fire stocks. 

  • Short-barreled shotguns. 

  • Firearms with serial numbers removed or altered. 

  • Armor-piercing bullets loaded in a handgun. 

  • Exploding bullets loaded in a handgun. 

  • Dragon's breath shotgun shells loaded in a firearm. 

  • Bolo shells loaded in a firearm. 

If you or someone you know has recently been charged with a crime involving a weapon or for carrying an unlawful weapon, you need to reach out to a trusted criminal defense attorney right away. Your legal counsel can enlighten you about the nature of your charges and the potential penalties. 

Possible Penalties 

Weapon violations in Florida usually attract severe punishments. If convicted, the defendant may face any of these penalties and devastating consequences: 

  • Prison sentences (ranging from months, years, or decades). 

  • Massive fines. 

  • A criminal record/history. 

  • Probation. 

  • Prohibited from obtaining a license to carry a firearm. 

  • Ineligible to own a legal handgun. 

  • Increased difficulty in traveling to other countries. 

  • Ineligible to obtain certain financial loans. 

  • Increased difficulty in getting new employment and accommodation. 

  • Increased difficulty in securing public benefits or government assistance. 

  • Loss of the right to vote during elections. 

A reliable attorney can intervene quickly and help strategize your best defenses to avoid any of these far-reaching penalties and consequences. 

Strong & Reliable Legal Help 

A weapons violation conviction could possibly jeopardize your personal reputation, liberty, career, and future opportunities. However, defending such allegations without skilled guidance and representation could expose you to the risks of suffering the maximum punishments. Therefore, when charged with a weapon offense, you need to hire a practiced criminal defense attorney for clear guidance and to help structure your defense. 

At the Law Offices of D. D. Archer, PA, our attorneys have the resources and expertise to defend and represent individuals wrongfully charged with weapon violations. Using our extensive knowledge, we can help you navigate the Florida criminal justice system and represent you aggressively in every phase of the legal process. Our dedicated legal team will fight for you and ensure those false accusations don't ruin your life. 

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