Focusing on the big picture can help keep divorce amicable

| Jul 22, 2021 | Family Law

You have probably watched friends or family go through a divorce and witnessed the toll it took on them. It may still be taking a toll on some of them years later.

Divorce is a challenging time, and it is almost impossible to avoid conflict altogether. Yet, if you choose to fight each other about every minor issue, you will both suffer for it. The more you cooperate to bring your marriage to an end, the easier it will be for both of you.

Choose your battles wisely in a divorce

Keeping your divorce amicable does not mean you need to accept whatever your spouse wants. However, there is a difference between asserting your right to spend time with your children and getting drawn into a pointless argument about who keeps the washing machine.

Try to look at the big picture when preparing for your divorce. You may need help to do this as it can be hard in such a personal matter. When looking at how you will divide your property, make a list of everything you own that you need to divide. That is everything the law deems marital property, as opposed to separate property.

Florida requires an equitable split of marital property. Rather than focusing on each item, stay focused on the overall percentage you are getting. If you can convince a court to award you 60% of everything, rather than 50%, surely that makes up for losing a washing machine worth a few hundred dollars?

Having outside help to understand the rules surrounding divorce can help you to focus on what matters and keep everything in context. It can help you to secure a satisfactory outcome and move on with life sooner.