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False Accusation of Sexual Offense

Law Offices of D. D. Archer, PA May 3, 2023

In Florida, non-consensual and unwanted sexual acts, such as sexual battery, rape, child pornography, or other unlawful sexual behaviors are extremely prohibited and aggressively prosecuted. Unfortunately, a false accusation of sexual offense could result in an arrest, wrongful conviction, and other devastating life-altering consequences. 

If you have been falsely accused of rape or another sexual offense, retaining a highly-skilled and aggressive Florida criminal defense attorney immediately is crucial to help build your defense. At the Law Offices of D. D. Archer, PA, we are committed to offering experienced legal services and protecting individuals falsely accused of sex crimes from the worst possible situation. 

As your legal counsel, we can investigate every last detail of your case and determine the best way to fight your charges. In addition, our strategic attorney will fight vigorously to uphold your rights, seek to establish your innocence, and make sure those allegations don’t ruin your life. Our firm proudly serves clients across Clermont, Lake County, Polk County, Seminole County, and Sumter County, Florida. 

Sexual Offenses in Florida

Sexual offenses involve various offenses relating to unlawful sexual behaviors or non-consensual sexual acts that state courts can prosecute. Some common sexual offenses in Florida include sexual battery, rape, sexual misconduct, child pornography, lewd and lascivious behavior, video voyeurism, and unlawful sexual activity with minors. 

According to Florida law, a person commits the offense of sexual battery if he or she has non-consensual vaginal, anal, or oral penetration or contact with someone else using the person’s sexual organ or an object. 

What the Accuser Must Prove 

In order to prove a sexual battery or rape crime, the prosecutor must show that: 

  • the defendant anally, orally, or vaginally penetrated the victim using their sexual organ or an object; and, 

  • the sexual act was non-consensual or the victim could not legally give consent to the sexual activity. 

If you or someone you know has been recently accused of rape or another sex-related crime, you need to reach out to a strategic criminal defense lawyer right away. Your legal counsel can enlighten you about the nature of your charges and potential penalties, and they can help strategize a solid defense. 

Possible Consequences 

In the state of Florida, sexual offenses are aggressively prosecuted and often carry possibly life-altering ramifications. If convicted and depending on the offense’s circumstances, the defendant could be subject to any of the following penalties and consequences: 

  • substantial fines and court fees 

  • significant time in prison 

  • a criminal record/history 

  • restitution to the victim 

  • mandatory registration as a sex offender 

  • increased difficulty in getting accommodation or employment 

  • increased difficulty in securing educational or scholarship opportunities 

  • loss of rights to carry or possess a gun or firearm 

  • loss of university acceptance 

  • increased difficulty in qualifying for public benefits or government assistance 

  • ineligibility to apply for certain financial loans 

  • loss of personal freedom and social prospects 

  • deportation or inadmissibility into the United States 

A reliable Florida sex offenses defense attorney can intervene quickly and take preemptive actions to protect you from the far-reaching penalties and consequences of a criminal conviction. 

Possible Defenses

When charged with a sexual offense in Florida, your attorney can help fight the false accusations against you using defenses such as consent, DNA evidence, witnesses, alibis, motives, and more. A skilled lawyer can help investigate your case details and determine the best legal defense to help fight your charges in pursuit of the best available outcome for your personal situation. 

Steps to Take if You’ve Been Falsely Accused

If you’ve been falsely accused of rape or sexual offense, you should take the following steps where possible: 

  1. Seek effective legal guidance and representation. 

  1. Avoid talking to the police or any other person. 

  1. Never sign any statement or give interviews. 

  1. Gather and document vital evidence, including pictures, texts, and emails. 

  1. Create a detailed timeline of the events which led to your false allegations. 

  1. Document the events that led to your arrest and what happened while in custody. 

  1. Do not reach out to your accuser. 

  1. Stay away from social media and maintain a low profile. 

  1. Start working on a list of witnesses. 

  1. Gather and document witness testimonies and statements to build your case. 

  1. Don’t share your case details with any other person apart from your lawyer. 

A skilled criminal defense attorney can review every aspect of your case and outline a strong defense strategy to help to fight your allegations. 

Dedicated & Detail-Oriented Legal Defense

Being accused of rape or another sexual offense could mean massive damage to your personal reputation, quality of life, and career. With your future and every aspect of your life at stake, getting experienced guidance is imperative to avoid a wrongful conviction. At the Law Offices of D. D. Archer, PA, we have the diligence and expertise to defend and represent clients in their sex crime cases. 

Using our extensive knowledge and trial experience, we can help you navigate the Florida criminal justice system and represent you aggressively in every phase of the legal process. Our attorney will continue fighting to uphold your freedom, dispute the false accusations against you with factual evidence, and improve your chances of a brighter tomorrow. 

Contact us at the Law Offices of D. D. Archer, PA, today to schedule a simple case evaluation with a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. Our attorney can offer you the reliable legal guidance and strong representation you need in your case. We proudly serve clients across Clermont, Lake County, Polk County, Seminole County, and Sumter County, Florida.