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Getting a DUI in Retirement: What Impacts Will It Have?

Archer Law Feb. 4, 2021

When you’re finally retired from work and get to stay at home or do the things you want, you may start going out at night or attending parties that you may not have in the past. Maybe you will drink more often as you relax into this new way of life.

If you do start to drink during your retirement, remember one thing: What you do after drinking can still impact you.

Can a DUI Impact You in Retirement?

Yes, a DUI can impact you in retirement. You will face all the usual penalties that others would face for a DUI at any age. On top of that, you may find that you cannot keep part-time jobs or continue volunteering like you wanted to, because a DUI may result in the loss of your driving privileges or be a problem with your volunteering or employment contracts.

The good news is that most people in retirement aren’t working, so your finances are less likely to be impacted. However, you will still need to pay fees and fines if you’re convicted. For example, a first conviction may lead to a fine of up to $1,000, which could put a dent in your monthly retirement stipend.

Financial penalties aren’t all you should be concerned about. Even with a first conviction, there is a risk of going to prison for up to six months. A second conviction comes with imprisonment for up to nine months, a there is a mandatory sentence of at least 30 days with a third DUI.

Why Is It Important for Retirees to Be Aware of Their Alcohol Intake?

As you get older, alcohol may start to affect you more significantly than in the past. You may become drowsy or impaired quickly compared to the past. You shouldn’t risk losing your license, facing heavy fines or going to prison just because of alcohol. Be wary of how much you drink, and if you do plan to drink, make sure you have someone there who can drive you home safely. This will help you avoid any risk of a DUI that could put a damper on your retirement.