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Many Decisions Will Be Made Before the Will Is Ever Read

Archer Law July 29, 2020

You have an estate plan set in stone, and you feel confident that every last penny and piece of property will go the right place. But when it comes time for important questions about your healthcare, does your planning have all the answers?

Only 37% of Americans have documents in place to outline care if they’re incapacitated. Even those with chronic illnesses were only a little more inclined to leave detailed directions for their family. If you aren’t able to make decisions for yourself, it could leave your loved ones in a tough spot when it comes to caring concerns.

Choosing the Right Way for You

With the proper documentation, you can make all kinds of determinations for the care you receive. You can outline your wishes, from specific treatments to general guidelines. Make the tough choices now so your family won’t have to when the time arrives, like if you should get painkillers, go through resuscitation or stay on life support.


It’s essential to pick the right person to carry out this plan. It’s unlikely you’ll predict every possibility, so you’ll need to choose a trusted individual to make and orchestrate all the final calls on your behalf. The document can empower them to guide your care, and continue on with end-of-life decisions until the rest of your estate plan assigns an administrator.

Making the Final Call

You can bridge the gap between healthcare and the reading of the will with your advanced directives. After your care has ceased, there will still be matters of religious rites, organ donation and burial planning. The person of your choosing could handle all of these tasks.

These ideas and more can be set down as a road map for your family. They will undoubtedly have difficulty navigating a time when you’re no longer there to provide answers, so it’s best to do so early. Understanding what you can convey and how you should draft your wishes is no small task, but it can lead to a comprehensive plan that will guide them.