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Motorcyclists Who Get DUIs Aren’t Usually Drinking and Driving for The First Time

Archer Law Sept. 15, 2020

A motorcyclist who gets pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, and who is then arrested as a result, probably is not driving under the influence for the first time. Researchers have found that most people who do get arrested — and this goes for those driving cars and trucks, as well — have driven while intoxicated many times before that arrest.

The sheer number of times someone will drive under the influence of alcohol before being caught may come as a bit of a surprise. According to one report, first-time offenders had driven under the influence a staggering 87 times prior to that arrest. In each of those instances, they were able to drive without getting caught.

In fact, this can often make riders feel like what they are doing is safe. Motorcycling and drinking really go hand-in-hand in some circles, and riders may have a few drinks every time they meet up with friends or go out with the local club. The more times they do this and then ride home without crashing or getting pulled over, the more it normalizes the behavior.

This can then lead to increased drinking. One drink turns into two. Two turns into three. Before long, someone who used to vow they would never drink and drive is willing to do it almost constantly. And, with everyone around them doing the same thing, they start to forget just how problematic it can be.

The reality is that a DUI can have a massive impact on your life. You could lose your license, spend time in jail and pay fines. The loss of your license could lead to the loss of a job. Your insurance rates could go up. This is all incredibly costly, so you must know what legal options you have.