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Toxic Divorce? Remember These Tips

Archer Law March 4, 2021

The process of divorce is — all by itself — often emotionally draining. You have to unravel things that might have taken years to put together.

The challenge of making this happen so your marriage can end as quickly as possible is often made even more difficult when you’re in the midst of walking away from a toxic person. In these cases, you must ensure that you’re taking care of yourself so you don’t become completely emotionally drained.

Focus on The Logical Side of Things

It’s all too easy to become so focused on the emotions you feel as the divorce marches on that you forget that the practical matters are important. By focusing on the logical side of things, you’re more likely to think about how the various options in the divorce will affect you now and in the future.

Keeping your emotions out of the mediation sessions or court hearings can also help you to avoid being stressed or upset — and that can keep you from making poor decisions in haste.

Create Detailed Points of Agreement

Once you and your ex decide on specific terms of the divorce, including those related to child custody, make sure that you detail them as much as possible in the written documents. This ensures that there aren’t any misstatements about what the agreement was. It gives you and your ex the opportunity to review the terms later if necessary.

A toxic divorce may last longer than a divorce in which both parties are willing to negotiate the outcome. This can lead to more emotional trauma and a costlier process. Discuss your options with your attorney so you can determine if there is anything that you can do that might help the situation. Ultimately, you have to do what’s necessary to protect your own interests.